A bit about me..

Well hello and welcome to Making a Mum – a creation for a mishmash of my experiences, thoughts and general ramblings of my brain whilst I am #wingingitatmotherhood and juggling everyday life.

Firstly let me introduce myself.. my name is Lauren. I am 28, living in Surrey and have recently had the privilege of becoming a first time mum to Amelia. I absolutely love taking photos.. there is nothing better than capturing that special moment to be able to look back on. I love to read, am a bit of a Disney fan (Beauty and the Beast is my favourite!) and absolutely love the Christmas season. Currently on Maternity leave and wanting to use this space to document the memories, thoughts and feelings on being a first time mum, a wife, a friend and everything in between!

When Amelia was born I became a mother but I have only just started my journey into making me a ‘mum’. In this blog you will find an honest account of my journey through the good times and the bad. My thoughts and feelings will be shared in the hope that it can provide comfort to those who are on a similar journey.

Hope you enjoy!

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