Maternity clothes are just too comfortable…

As I got dressed today I put on my maternity jeans and it dawned on me that I am not longer pregnant so should I really be wearing them!? I’ll be honest Maternity clothes were made for my body shape; a little more give around the stomach area and longer length in tops, jumpers and dresses. I have always struggled to get clothes that not only fit me properly but that I also felt comfortable in. Who would have thought that being pregnant with a massive belly would be the time that I not only fit into clothes properly but that I also feel the most comfortable I have felt in my own body for a long time.

So these jeans I bought from Marks and Spencer when I first found out I was expecting Amelia. They seem a little pricey at £29.99 but in all honesty they are worth every single penny and so much so that I ended up getting another 2 pairs! I can hand on heart say that I have worn these jeans nearly every day when I was pregnant until I was about 35 weeks (this was due to obscenely hot weather we had rather than the jeans not lasting!).  After giving birth these jeans along with leggings were my saving grace with the belly band giving that support in the right places while my muscles were shot to pieces. We are now nearly 6 months into Amelia’s life and they are still my trusty go to trousers. The bump band helps to smooth out those lumps and bumps, and hide my mum tum and little kangaroo pouch that has been left since having Amelia. I would be lying if I said to you that I feel 100% comfortable in my skin and how I look but its amazing how one item of clothing can make such a difference.

Coming into the summer months (yes i know it feels like ages away but it will come round quickly!) I am looking at my summer wardrobe and its full of maternity clothes as last year I was heavily pregnant with Amelia. I look at my lovely tank tops that are a forgiving cut and my maternity jean shorts that fit just right (even now after losing nearly all of my baby weight) and I just want to wear them again this summer! I could potentially get away with some of them as they don’t look “maternity” but is that a bit wrong? I just don’t think I can face going shopping and just not finding anything to fit me or that I am comfortable in!

Another great place I found a lot of my maternity clothes was Asda. They have a great maternity section with so much choice in different styles and colours. Unfortunately as with most maternity collections they only seem to be available online but they have a free click and collect and returns service that runs from their stores which was super simple, quick and easy to use. With their clothing there is no need to order a bigger size; i found across their shorts, trousers, tops and pj’s that they were all true to size. As we all know, Maternity clothes can be ridiculously expensive. It’s like with a wedding, as soon as you put the word “Maternity” in front of any clothing that item can be 2x times more expensive than the same item in the “normal” clothes section. Asda however was very reasonable with their pricing for their maternity section mirroring their “normal” clothes section. The quality did not disappoint either; like the jeans these staple pieces were worn throughout my pregnancy right up to the day I had Amelia and even now as I sit and type this I am sitting in my Maternity Pj’s.

So I suppose the question is… at what age does your baby have to  be before it is no longer socially acceptable to a) not wear maternity clothes? and,  b) to not purchase maternity clothes?

Pretty please say there isn’t a limit as I just don’t think i am ready to let these bad boys out of life just yet.

Asda’s Maternity range can be found here

Marks and Spencer’s Maternity Range can be found here

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