Pregnancy, Motherhood and the power of Google.

I don’ t think I am the only one throughout pregnancy and motherhood that has relied on Google. It is literally the worst thing to do but that doesn’t stop me from looking up everything from symptoms to what other mums are doing at different stages.

Today was a prime example when Amelia bumped her head the first thing I did (obviously after I checked her over and smothered her with kisses) was google concussion in babies. The results and information that came up made me panic more than I did when Amelia first bumped her head.

Google can be a powerful tool bringing knowledge and mumma’s together but it can also can be damaging to your mental health by providing incorrect information and unnecessary worry. Typing in your symptoms into google can convince you that you are dying of a rare disease, or that your baby is quite poorly when in all honesty it could be as simple as the common cold. Its scary as 1 in 4 people google their symptoms and self diagnose instead of visiting a doctor and this can be for reasons ranging from not being able to get a doctors appointment to not wanting to take the time off work. Google also has the power to make you feel like you are not doing a good job as a mother,  and it provides a platform for you to compare and contrast every parenting decision you make.

When I first found out I was pregnant I used Google a lot. With all the changes that my body was going through I wanted to check what was normal and what I should be concerned with. I spent most of the first 20 weeks googling symptoms, body changes and what I was going on with the development of my baby. It was very interesting but it did sometimes bring up some information that maybe it was better for me to not read. I decided that I liked having the information but maybe not the full power of Google! I downloaded two apps to follow Amelia’s development that also included little articles about what you as the mum might be experiencing. One of the apps I used also had a community which I found so helpful. Instead of googling something I would post a  question on there and it was reassuring to hear back from others that they were experiencing the same or similar things. I have included the apps and links to them below for any android users but they are also available on iTunes.

Ovia Pregnancy App can be found here

BabyCentre App can be found here

I have been thinking about how much I rely on Google and trust the information that it provides about various things not just to do with motherhood. My lovely Nan had a mini stroke (TIA) on Sunday and after the consultant left I googled all the different things he had said rather than just asking him to go into a little more detail about what that meant and how different medicines would help her. It has really made me think about the “reassurance” that the doctor could have provided me that I wouldn’t have got from Google.

I absolutely think there is place for Google but it should be used with caution. Having access to that much information anywhere in the world, so quickly with just one click is a powerful tool that should be used wisely..

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