Eleven months of you

Eleven months since we first laid out eyes on you.

Eleven months since we become parents

Eleven months we have kept a little tiny person alive.

Eleven months of you.

The final countdown to Amelia’s first birthday as started and I won’t lie I am quite emotional about it all. I can’t quite believe a whole year as passed; it only feels like yesterday since I was pregnant feeling her kick.

She has already in such a short period of time grown into such a happy loving little girl and I can’t wait to get to know her more and more as she grows.

When I look back to before we had Amelia we had so many plans about what we wanted to be like as parents and what we would/wouldn’t do. The last eleven months we have had to grow into our roles as parents and that in some things have been very different to what we thought it would be like. We have changed our views on things like using the dummy as an aid to help Amelia’s reflux, adapted her bedtime routine to be flexible rather than a ridged timetable and always read a book to her even in those early days when she had no idea what was going on!

I am in full party planning mode ready for the end of August. We had ideas for a big party with lots of soft play and fun things for smaller children but we decided that we couldn’t really afford it so we have scaled it back and having a lovely picnic in the park planned with some of our friends and family. I am hoping that the weather holds out and it stays warm but a little cooler will be nice!

I am sure I will feel like this more and more as she gets older and more independent but baby girl slow down. Mummy isn’t ready for you to be a big girl just yet.

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