Amelia and Brushing her Teeth: Review of MAM Training Brush, Brushbaby Electric Toothbrush and BrushBaby Toothpaste

Amelia has always been such a good girl when it comes to brushing her teeth and even when she has been teething badly she will still let me give them a quick clean. Although Amelia didn’t get her first tooth until she was 10 months we started a teething brushing routine early when she was around 6 months which included a combination of watching us clean our teeth and letting her sit and play with a tooth brush (obviously supervised!). I think the introduction of a routine around brushing her teeth from a young age helped Amelia to normalise the behaviour. She loves to brush her teeth with Mummy in the mornings and before bed and we have rarely had an issue; even the days when her teething has been so bad. I know that we are very early on in our teeth cleaning journey but I am hopeful that the steps we have taken so far will help!

If you are like me then I had no idea what toothbrush or toothpaste to buy so I popped into Boots and took a look. Now you will find baby/infant teething ranges in most supermarkets however I decided to pop to Boots as I am part of the parenting club so receive extra advantage points for parenting purchases. Thankfully there are lots of helpful packaging to tell you the correct toothbrush and paste for your baby’s age. After having a look at some of the different types of brushes I decided to go for a MAM Learn to brush set which included two brushes: a training brush and first brush. The Training brush was great to get started with as it was slightly longer and gave the ability for both Amelia and I to hold while she put it in her to mouth. As she didn’t have any teeth at this stage I decided to not use any toothpaste and just let Amelia put the toothbrush in her mouth.

Once she was used to putting it in and out of her mouth (which of course she was quite good at putting things in her mouth for a chew) I started to gently move the tooth brush in a back and forward motion so she got used to this. We would do this in the morning after I had cleaned my teeth and just before bed. Once her first tooth started to cut through at 10 months I introduced Brush-Baby Teething Toothpaste.


After having a look at all the different brands I decided to go with this toothpaste as it contained Camomile to soothe Amelia’s teething gums and contained a low amount of fluoride which meant it would help to keep Amelia’s enamel nice and strong but wouldn’t be harmful if swallowed; which inevitably was going to happen! The apple flavoured toothpaste was a big hit with this fruit lover and I found that even though I was using a smear of it on her toothbrush the Camomile was great in soothing her gums.  

teeth Mam family brush

Steve and I use both electric and manual toothbrushes (depending on whether we remember to charge the electric one!) and Amelia started to become very aware that we were using something that was making a noise. She became obsessed with our electric toothbrush so when BrushBaby sent us their BabySonic Electric Toothbrush to review I knew she was going to love it! We were also gifted some more toothpaste, Toothbrush reward chart and some stickers; I mean who doesn’t love a sticker! 

The battery powered toothbrush has a small head with soft bristles and has two settings: light on only or light on and soft sonic vibrations. It comes with a replacement head and 1 year manufacturers warranty. The brush is small and lightweight which is great for small hands to hold. It has a two minute timer and pulses every 30 seconds to encourage good teeth cleaning routines and education from an early age. 

I found Amelia absolutely loved the soft vibrations of the electric toothbrush but sometimes when her teething was quite bad this was too much for her sore gums so I was able to just switch the light on without the sonic vibrations and this worked well as well. 

I am extremely impressed with low usage of the battery and we are currently in our 5th month of using it and its still going strong without having to be changed. Another big thing I love about this product is that it comes with replaceable heads so no need to buy another brush itself which is great for the environment and also means that you only outlay the cost of the brush once or twice a year and then just have to purchase replacement heads. The BabySonic Toothbrush comes with  two heads; one for 0-18months and one for 18-36 months. I thought this was an absolute bargain bearing it is quite reasonably priced at £8.99. Replacement heads can be found online in the BrushBaby store or alternatively most supermarkets and shops like Boots and Superdrug will have them in stock. At £3.75 for two replacement heads I thought this was such good value!

I have been really impressed with the BrushBaby range we have used and wish I had known about their Dental Wipes when Amelia was smaller. I had no idea that you could start looking after your babies gums before they even had teeth to help maintain a healthy mouth! 

The BrushBaby Sonic Toothbrush costs £8.99 is available to buy from Boots, Superdrug, Amazon or directly from BrushBaby’s online shop.

Do you have any other teeth brushing techniques or tips for Amelia as she gets older? What are you favourite products or your must buys for dental care for your toddler?

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