Maternity clothes are just too comfortable…

As I got dressed today I put on my maternity jeans and it dawned on me that I am not longer pregnant so should I really be wearing them!? I'll be honest Maternity clothes were made for my body shape; a little more give around the stomach area and longer length in tops, jumpers and… Continue reading Maternity clothes are just too comfortable…

This time last year..

This time last year Steve and I were getting ready for our 12 week scan the next day; we were both so nervous. The time between our positive pregnancy test and our scan felt like a lifetime, 8 weeks in fact. I felt such different emotions throughout those 8 weeks, mostly sickness but fear, excitement… Continue reading This time last year..

295 miles, a wedding and a poorly baby on New Years Eve

We had the absolute pleasure of attending my Brother in Law's wedding at the end of December up in Scotland, 295 miles away from our home in Surrey. We had previously visited my brother in law and his fiance before Amelia was born and it took us around 9 hours to drive with one stop… Continue reading 295 miles, a wedding and a poorly baby on New Years Eve

Mum guilt

Mum guilt - the most powerful gut wrenching feeling I have ever experienced. I seem to experience mum guilt whenever I am not around her and seems to peak when I am doing something for myself. In the last couple of weeks I have felt such mum guilt in nearly every decision I've made. From… Continue reading Mum guilt

It takes a village..

I saw this on my Instagram feed the other day and this could not be more true for not only myself but Steve and I. Those big life decisions or choices are only possible with your village behind you. For us, without our 'village' or personal cheerleaders we would have had a very different journey… Continue reading It takes a village..

The truth behind the picture…

I am constantly comparing myself to others and I have found that with access to social media and the internet being so available that this has increased. As a mum and especially as a first time mum the internet and social media can be a powerful tool to support and empower you with knowledge to… Continue reading The truth behind the picture…

A bit about me..

Well hello and welcome to Making a Mum - a creation for a mishmash of my experiences, thoughts and general ramblings of my brain whilst I am #wingingitatmotherhood and juggling everyday life. Firstly let me introduce myself.. my name is Lauren. I am 28, living in Surrey and have recently had the privilege of becomingĀ a… Continue reading A bit about me..