MAM Bloggers Breakfast at the Baby Show – London Olympia

On Friday Amelia and I were invited to an event hosted by MAM at The Baby Show at Olympia London. We have loved product testing and working with MAM on some of their recent campaigns so it was excited to be invited to another event; especially a breakfast as we all know how much I love food!

We had a lovely train journey into town and Amelia loved looking out the window watching the trees zooming past as well as chatting and smiling to pretty much everyone on the carriage. I was a little worried about travelling into town on a Friday during rush hour but it wasn’t too bad all in all. I am grateful that it was a Friday and not a Monday as I think this made quite a difference, but I think I was lucky that a lot of people offered to help me on and off the train as well as space to park the pram etc. Before having Amelia I had the flexibility to be able to travel to any train station without the worry of whether it had step free access for the buggy. I was the most anxious about this before my journey but TFL has a hand little map which I was able to download on to my phone. This handy map highlights the stations that have step free access and then breaks this down further to show you which has step free access from “Train to Street” or “Platform to Street”. You can find the helpful map here. I also found TFL journey planner useful where I could edit my preferences to only show me stations I could use to get off with a buggy without having it lug it up some steps.

We arrived at The Baby Show just after 10am and made our way to the MAM Bloggers Lounge. There were already some of the MAM Blogger Community there so I got straight into introducing Amelia and I. I have always found it so easy to chat to other people but since having Amelia I found it harder – silly right? Anyways I decided to throw myself in and I am glad I did as I have made a lovely new friend out of it and we spent the rest of the baby show together!

Not only was there a great spread for breakfast but there was also a talk from 3 lovely guest speakers – Sharon Wallace from Design Mum, Naomi Saunders who is a Combination Feeding Enthuasiast and Clare Byam-Cook who is a Breastfeeding Expert and Advisor.

It was great to hear from Sharon Wallace on the trends that MAM are launching and we got a sneak peak into the new designs not only at the event, but also in our goody bag 🙂 It was great to put a face behind the name and meet the writer of some of the blogs and content across MAM’s social media.


A lot of Naomi’s talk on feeding choices struck a cord with me. As you know I breastfed Amelia till she was 7 months old before moving onto Combination Feeding, and then Formula. In those 7 months of breastfeeding, two months of combination feeding and then formula feeding it didn’t come without its challenges or judgement. When Naomi spoke about her experiences around feeding I felt like she was telling some of my story and there was an instant connection. She is a true advocate of “Fed is Best” and you can check our her story here.

Finally we heard from Clare Byam-Cook who has appeared on lots of radio and TV shows and is known for her controversial approach to breastfeeding. It was great to hear a trained midwife support “Breast is best” but with a soft approach that supports the needs for mum and baby. Its refreshing to see a medical professional support combination feeding if Breastfeeding is not helping you both to thrive. The way she spoke about how the support should be their for all new mum’s and how their decide to feed their baby with no judgement was amazing and I really enjoyed listening to her speak.

At the end of the talk it was great to be able to mingle with the rest of the MAM Blogger Community as well as chatting to Naomi – Amelia took quite a shine to her going in for a cuddle! We might have even given a small video interview on why we love MAM and what some of our favourite products are so keep your eyes peeled across their social media accounts!


I had such a great time and loved meeting lots of MAM employees who were so proud to be working for the company. From the Managing Director through to the Digital Marketing Assistant they clearly have a love for not only the company and the brand, but the people that their products help. I have no idea why I was so nervous as we had such a lovely time. To top it all off we received a goody bag full of lots new products from their new ranges launching very soon!

Here’s a sneak peak as some of the new designs coming very soon to the MAM Online Shop


After the event I decided to take a wander around the rest of the show with my new friend that I had made at the breakfast; Charlotte. I really enjoyed having a wander around looking at all the different brands and products. It was great to see to see some of our favourite larger brands such as Skip Hop, Nuby and Childs Farm but also smaller brands such as Snugglebundl.

I love events like this where you can test out some of the products before buying. As you might have seen on my Instagram Stories Amelia has outgrown her Baby Bjorn and it is really hurting my back carrying her around. Its such a shame as Amelia loves being in the carrier and so I did spend some of the time hunting around for a new carrier and it was great to be able to try Amelia in some. I might have fallen a little in love with the Ergobaby Omni 360 – She was as light as a feather and practically fell asleep in the carrier when I tried her in it!

If you are pregnant I would absolutely recommend The Baby Show. Everything you will ever need is under one roof so even if you don’t want to buy anything you can get a good idea of what you do and don’t want. They have a buggy trial park to be able to test drive all the different buggies on show and if you are in the place to make some purchases then you can save yourself quite a bit on show prices and offers they have on.

If you have a small child or recently just had a baby then the show will open your eyes up to products you never realised you needed but now you know about them you can’t parent without them. Every company and brand has specialists on hand to talk through their products and answer any of those questions you might have. You can test out any new products and really get hands on with the products themselves.

Thank you MAM for inviting us to your event and The Baby Show. We had a fab time and can’t wait for the next event!

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